(Affiliated By: Mahatama Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi)

Education is the one of the most important event in the development of society. We cannot imagine of society without educated persons and education. Human is considered as the creator of any culture or civilization and it is their whole responsibility to take care of our heritage and culture and it is only possible thorough education. Today we see a commercialized form of education. Many people regard education as a big lendering for children but it is the primary need as well as right of every child. To ensure education for every single child of this society is the responsibility of our society only. Today we can see a great demand of education to nurture the society. Education is a tool which can be used to win many battles with peace and harmony. A well educated man act as a pillar of society. This was my basic idea behind opening a college in a small village that could help the poor and under privileged one.

I am very glad to address the contribution of our principal Shri Millu Prasad gupta. His immense hard work is remarkable and admirable. I present my heartily gratitude to him and lastly I wish for the bright and healthy future of our students.